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POPCAT: A New Sense Of Unity?

It has reignited the sense of unity and togetherness that has never left Malaysians
Popcat Click

With August 31st 2021 being Malaysia’s 64th Independence Day, netizens have taken the reign in birthing a new sense of unity among Malaysians during these trying times. The hashtag #popcat began trending on Twitter, garnering thousands of tweets by the second. Here come the Popcat click.

But first, what is popcat click?

Popcat is a clicker game that stemmed from Twitter. Users click with their mouse or tap on their phone to earn points. The game can be accessed by any device with a web browser, be it a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. All you have to do is visit the website and click away!

The points system is allocated based on the country, in which Malaysia is currently placed third in the world, amassing an impressive 15 billion clicks. The top two spots are held by Thailand and Taiwan, with each country producing 53 billion and 45 billion clicks respectively.

There’s been a Popcat Clicker hack already posted on the net, but beware, nothing goods if you cheat your way up.


While popcat may seem like a new discovery to many, the image of popcat itself dates back to October 2020, when Twitter user @XavierBFB uploaded images of his cat, Oatmeal, onto a Discord server. As the internet goes, the images of Oatmeal the cat led to a growing chain of edits from various users that eventually created the popping cat we know and love today.

In December 2020, computer scientists Joshua Rainbow, Edward Halls, and Freddy Heppell from the University of Sheffield created the popcat website using the heavily edited images of Oatmeal the cat. The game was launched in April 2021 and received a resurgence in the past week, earning millions of visits and new users.

Although the premise of popcat is simple, it has reignited the sense of unity and togetherness that has never left Malaysians. Be it the recent ending of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, or the general feeling of restlessness due to the seemingly never ending isolation, the entire country banding together to achieve something, no matter how small, seems a great fit for the month of Independence.

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