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BLACKPINK Lisa Flying Solo: Is That Happening?

Many fans were hyped because it was essentially confirmed.
Lisa Blackpink Flying Solo - AllSight Malaysia

It’s been four years since the KPOP community has been graced with the debut of the all-singing all-dancing girl group BLACKPINK. With the members BLACKPINK Lisa, Jennie, Rosé and Jisoo being the epicenter of the group’s fame, popularity came easy to the group.

Due to their unique voices and passion-infused dances, they rose to the top of the global music industry, having been the only South Korean group to have reached one billion views for three of their music videos on Youtube and being the first girl group to appear on the cover of Billboard magazine.

However, this sassy and sweet female South Korean girl group has a new surprise for fans worldwide. And that surprise comes in the form of the triple threat named Lalisa Manoban. Charismatic, talented and gorgeous, this femme fatale is out to take the music industry by storm.

Way back in April, BLINKs (BLACKPINK fans) worldwide have been speculating and theorising about who would be the next member to drop a solo album after Rosé released hers in March. To the excitement of BLACKPINK fans, Harpers Bazaar Thailand posted a stunning picture of Lisa on their Instagram rocking a chic look and a mysterious gaze.

Aside from her ethereal visuals, fans had another reason to go loco over this Instagram post. Under the picture was a caption that made fans go crazy – “This June, let’s get ready for the solo debut of Lisa from BLACKPINK.” Many fans were hyped because it was essentially confirmed that the cherished BLACKPINK member Lisa would be dropping her solo album in June.

Source: Only U | Flickr

However, a month passed and fans were left disappointed when the anticipated solo debut never came. Many were upset as they were unsure if Lisa’s solo debut would end up becoming a reality. However, just early on this week, the KPOP community was rewarded for their patience with long-awaited news about the BLACKPINK member’s solo debut.

On her Instagram account @lalalalisa_m , Lisa had posted a breathtaking picture of her donning a ruby red garment with the emboldened words “COMING SOON” stamped above her as a header.

In just as little as three days, fans were once again taken by surprise with more news of the KPOP star’s solo debut. This time, they were even given an official album release date: 10 September 2021. Based on the poster she shared on the gram, Lisa’s first single album is entitled “LALISA” which has been named after her first name.

Planned to be released at 1 pm (KST) on a Friday, it’s no doubt that the long-anticipated album will be well-received by fans worldwide and even garner the attention of people who aren’t acquainted with the KPOP music industry.

As an all-rounded individual who has ventured into many different projects throughout her career as a South Korean idol, we believe that Lisa will, no doubt, achieve success in her solo career. We wish this KPOP star all the best in her future endeavours. You go, girl!

Featured Image Origin: NewsInstar | YouTube

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