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7 Best Movies Of 2021 To Watch Right Now

Time to get comfy on the couch!

Frankly, a chunk of this year has been all about horror indulgences, romantic sob fests, and endless short films, one after another.

Rumor has it that cinemas are finally going to be open in Malaysia, but we are still far from leaving the comfort of our home to watch another movie.

Fortunate for homebound movie lovers, 2021 has been a healing year for the movie industry. All the stalled productions of 2020 are becoming mega-hits and breaking our streaming platforms.

In the light of all the great movies that have been released this year so far, we’re going to choose the 7 best movies of 2021!

Malcolm And Marie 

This movie on Netflix begins with an overjoyed filmmaker, Malcolm (David Washington) reeling the successful screening of his new movie. Marie, his partner, a former addict who found love in the arms of Malcolm, also found the pain of love.

Hopelessness strike both of them as they dwell in conflictions and resentment for one another. Despite being each other’s biggest support, both still stood on opposite sides, one tugging for validation, the other for appreciation. This emotional masterpiece has got everything you need for a good old sob fest.

Exceptional black and white cinematography, raw emotions, spot-on acting, and a little like a longer version of Rihanna’s “we found love” music video.


A little cliche’ is making its way here, but it’s worth the watch. Moxie captured my heart during the pandemic because it was the most heartfelt portrayal of major issues in the 21st century.

It highlights racial discrimination, sexism, transphobia, and anti-feminism. Watch a teen take a brave turn to call out sexism and call for justice, as she gets inspired by her rebellious mother and her new friend.

If you are still on the fence about watching it, take the trailer out for a spin. The acting alone makes a compelling case! Watch Moxie on Netflix.

Yes Day 

The list will not be complete without a cheesy, entertaining addition like the “yes day” on Netflix.

After the emotional rollercoaster that is Malcolm and Marie, we are definitely going to need this hilariousness. Allison and Carlos, parents of three kids, decide to make a day of saying yes to all of their kid’s requests.

Allison was tired of being portrayed as “the dictator”, so, she figured, how bad is a day of saying “yes”?


Now, this is a movie that is far from being a disappointment. I was a little concerned about how this Disney reboot will win over me, but, oh boy was I surprised.

It deserves a spot on the best movies of 2021. This American crime comedy is anything but your typical “sympathy story for villains”.

It is a dazzling story of one of the most fashionable villains of history, Cruella De Vil, portrayed by the actor Emma Stone of La La Land.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar 

Barb and Star, two lifelong friends take on a whole new adventure when they decide to leave their small midwestern town for the first time ever.

Spoiler alert: their adventure shows us a shirtless Jamie Dornan, the fifty shades of Grey protagonist. Christian Grey was only the cherry on top in this goofy movie.

Let’s not forget to look at the buttery, creamy goodness of fun that’s waiting for us!

I Care A Lot

What’s a crime movie without a nod to mafia, scams, and, of course, a reflection of reality? “I care a lot” is about the life of a sociopathic shady legal guardian, who lands in hot waters when she scams a mother of a Russian mafia boss.

This dark comedy has the perfect amount of intensity intertwined with entertainment as we watch women in a dark, twisted, and truly corrupted light.

It was released via streaming on February 19, 2021, through Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Green Knight

The list of best movies of 2021 will not be complete without Green Knight. This medieval, fantasy film has everything we need. Jaw-dropping writing, eye-catchy visuals, slight sensuality, and mysticism.

If a movie that makes a wonderful combination of D&D and medieval literature is your cup of tea, then this is a piping hot, delicious cup for you.

Watch a very dreamy Dev Patel make a difficult quest of chivalry and honor to fight against the magical “Green Knight”.

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